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The Damascus Drum Cafe, Hawick, in the Scottish Borders
Chisholme Institute / Esoteric education / Hawick / Scotland / The Beshara School

The Damascus Drum Cafe, Hawick, in the Scottish Borders

This wee cafe is a little gem, tucked away in a side street near the river. I visited it last week with my daughter and was relieved to find it and the loo wheelchair friendly. The owners, Frances and Christopher Ryan, met us there, along with other friends connected to the Chisholme Institute. We … Continue reading

Accessible Travel / Disabled accommodation / Leuchie House / multiple sclerosis / North Berwick / Respite Care / Scotland / William Dalrymple

Visit to Leuchie House respite centre

Leuchie House ( a place where people with MS and other long term conditions can go for a break, either alone or with their carer. I went to check it out recently. It’s about a 45-minute drive south from Musselburgh, just outside the seaside town of North Berwick, in rolling green countryside. The mansion house, … Continue reading

Accessible Travel / Czech Republic / multiple sclerosis / Solo disabled travel / Spa treatments / Vraz Spa

My experience at Vraz Spa, Part 2

THE TREATMENTS I think that most of the treatments were designed to increase blood circulation and consequently mobility. The first one I tried was to sit with a vibro-cushion under my feet, which are often cold. They were still cold after ten minutes of this and I didn’t have it again. Next I had a … Continue reading