Good Vibrations: A Story of a Single 60s Mum

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Margaret Halliday’s second book, Good Vibrations: a Story of a Single 60s Mum, tells the poignant tale of her harrowing yet humourous  experience of unmarried motherhood in pre-Abortion Act Scotland. Seventeen-year-old Margaret’s Glaswegian romance results in unplanned pregnancy and heartbreak but she battles on, eventually overcoming all obstacles. Disowned by her parents her sister supports her through her confinement. She is forced to care for her baby in hospital, developing a strong maternal bond, before he is fostered. As a result his adoption is cancelled and mother and son are reunited just before Christmas 1967.


Margaret’s determination to be independent leads her to accept two disastrous housekeeping positions which result in homelessness and other adventures. She recovers from these setbacks and finally settles down in Edinburgh. Many years later her son traces his father, with unbelievable results

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Misogyny in the sixties 5 star
By Mr P.J. Laidlaw on 30 April 2015

A frank and compelling account of the early life of this brilliant but astonishingly careless young woman during a shameful period in Scotland’s social history. Margaret Halliday brings herself to the point of destitution through her contact with a series of horrid young men, with most of whom she remains on friendly terms, particularly the father of her child.

Interesting account of life as a single mum in the 60s 4 star
By Elis on 23 May 2015

One woman’s experience. Interesting account, probably not completely typical of others in the same situation.

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