Prana Soup: An Indian Odyssey

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At aged 50, Margaret Halliday embarked alone, undeterred by the onset of multiple sclerosis, to travel around India and then returned for two subsequent 6-month journeys.  She kept travel diaries of these trips to the sub-continent, which eventually  evolved into her first book,  Prana Soup: an Indian Odyssey, published in 2013, and describes her adventures in candid and sometimes hilarious detail.  From the Himalaya to the southernmost tip of India the author’s quest plunges her into a veritable ‘life force’ soup of tasty delights and enticing encounters. She delves into Buddhism, escapes a rail riot, survives a journey to Ladakh, resides with royalty, studies yoga in Rishikesh and engages with the ‘divine banker’ in Mumbai. All of this and more awaits the reader and would-be traveller . .

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Prana Soup great read for any traveller 5 star
By Sadie on 22 Feb. 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Prana Soup. I’ve never been to India but I felt I had experienced that fascinating country after having read this book. It has inspired me to visit one day. Margaret’s writing really gets down to the basics of travelling in India from the food to the people and places and the occasional bout of ill health! She shows amazing resilience and determination in her travelling and spiritual quest, considering she has multiple sclerosis and osteoarthritis. I couldn’t put it down, it was a wonderful book to read and I highly recommend it.

But if you’re not brave enough to be a traveller like her rather than a tourist 5 star
By Bristol howler on 12 March 2017

Here’s a book to inspire you to be more adventurous with your travel plans. You can share the delights and frustrations of Margaret Halliday as she discovers the culture, the food and the people of India.
But if you’re not brave enough to become a traveller like her rather than a tourist, you can share her adventures and fascination with India through her eyes, her ears and her taste buds.

Great armchair travel 5 star
By Mrs Jean Fowler on 12 Feb. 2017

All the discomforts of travel from my armchair. Also all the joys experienced from the vividly described travels and experiences. A very unconventional travel book where the author gets into situations rarely mentioned in conventional travel books.

Inspiring 5 star
By Catherine Macbeth on 2 October 2014

A great and inspiring travel story of an independent over-50 woman.